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Take Control of Your Life: Book a Counseling Session Today

Thank you for visiting, a Christ-centered ministry that uses the Bible in counseling sessions. If you’re feeling stuck in life and seeking new possibilities, invite Jesus into your space equation by reading “Steps to the Father.” This book can help you change your thinking process and behaviors to achieve your future goals. For an alternate guide to biblical counseling, consider reading “Steps to the Father” if you are unable to attend a counseling session. Remember, your life is yours to control and prepare for the future.


Walking with God – Part 2

Walking with God Part 2 Jesus then proceeded to explain the parable of the sower to his disciples. When the word is preached into the hearing of an individual, he or she has the responsibility to ascertain what they have heard and ensure that they understand it. If...

Walking with God – Part 1

Walking with God Part 1 Over the years, humanity has observed a constant degeneration in the witness of Christianity to the world.  A deterioration so glaring, it has caused a loss in our functionality as Christ’s body; making it difficult to detect the Ecclesia...

Living God’s Word: The Antidote to a Fallen World

In a world that reflects separation from its creator, we struggle with identity, security, and individuality. The antidote is the Word of God. Christianity is belief-based, and when we trust God, we live His Word. Join us in reciting scripture to live out God’s word.

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Steps To The Father

People desire success in life, but many fail due to flawed beliefs. The book “Steps to the Father” offers guidance on achieving success through prayerful meditation, study, and trusting in God. It includes step-by-step instructions on overcoming setbacks and broken relationships and developing trust in God to reveal hidden potential. By walking with God, one can achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. Read more…

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