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Steps To The Father

People desire success in life, but many fail due to flawed beliefs. The book “Steps to the Father” offers guidance on achieving success through prayerful meditation, study, and trusting in God. It includes step-by-step instructions on overcoming setbacks and broken relationships and developing trust in God to reveal hidden potential. By walking with God, one can achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life. Read more…

Steps to the father

By Vince Blaize

Everyone desires to be successful at something in life. You and I are no different. We all hope to do something we enjoy and are good at, and in return be able to afford the things we need and want for our personal enjoyment and that of our immediate family. If this opening statement is true, then why aren’t more people successful in their personal pursuits? This mystery has baffled me for more than three decades until the Lord dropped it in my spirit as if I were a five year old.

Imagine every decision we make we draw from a teaching, an experience and or a preconceived notion. Sometimes none of these results are a true reflection of who we are. Yet, we are making life long choices based on that information that may not necessarily be correct. But we believe it because for the most part we have nothing else to compare it too. When we believe something, we tend to look for confirmation for it and what we can’t find we manufacture. Now that is the power of the imagination of the heart at work.

Because of the content of the soul, every decision we make is process through our teachings, experiences and preconceived notions. And whatever emotional value we place on any part of the soul’s content is filed away with an experience. These types of experiences require spiritual support for proper release.

Steps to the Father through prayerful meditation and study will help bring awareness to your thought patterns and their tiger mechanism that promote unwanted behavior and questionable actions. Through God’s word it will help you break the habits that have enslaved you and increase the spiritual content of your soul – changing the outline of your thinking to positive thinking deserving more out of life.

Bible stories have been use through the years to help us understand God’s willingness to aide in our struggles and to help us realize the validity of our imagination and the ability to change our mind in the light of new content. Steps to the Father will help us repair a bad situation when possible and to let go and let God be God.

Every chapter highlights a separate discipline with step by step instructions to benefit the reader. The reader will learn how to overcome set-backs and frustration that may be a result of life’s hard-knocks and misfortune. The reader is expected to learn new ways to cope with old struggles and gradually erase their intensity and existence as he or she develops their trust in God.

At the conclusion of this book, the reader is expected to learn the true meaning of a relationship birth in Christ and I would like to hope; they will extend that privilege to another. You will discover inspiring biblical characters that may motivate you to attempt repair on your bad and discarded broken relationships.

After following the instructions in this book, you will know for certain that you are a child of the living God and I would hope you will recreate a life with God in the center of it. Endorse your future success by walking with God in Steps to the Father. By so doing, you will discover your hidden potential buried in treasure talents of the soul like I did. Make a difference for yourself and your God by walking with God. To enter the promised enjoyment of a future life’s goal is to accept and embrace the effort required for its present journey.