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In his book, Blaize offers his readers great insight into Christianity and the word of God. The author organizes his book thoughtfully, breaking down each chapter to discuss such issues as how to realize the significance of God, the consequences of living a life without religion, and how to use prayer for rededication to God. Throughout the book, Blaize cites passages from scripture, and his solid chapters keep the reader’s interest piqued. Readers will find some of the most prolific passages from the Bible here, and it is suggested that they block out their own troubles by focusing on these words. Strength, courage, and the will to live a good life are all encouraged by Blaize as he describes to his readers the significance of each one of these passages. Blaize describes the trials and tribulations that Jesus Christ endured for humanity in heartfelt detail. He explains that death by crucifixion derived from the Persians and how it quickly became the Romans’ choice of punishment for criminals and the like. Blaize includes discussion questions at the end of his chapters, rendering his book a perfect teaching tool for those interested in studying Christianity. In fact, it is easy to imagine his book being used in religious classes such as Bible studies. The greater hope is for his readers to utilize the lessons within this book to improve their own lives. A life of prayer, the author suggests, will give his readers insight into the greater meaning of their lives. The importance of family and the impact of words, both spoken and read, are mentioned throughout the book. Ultimately, this is a wellorganized and thoughtful book that offers readers a path to embracing opportunities and living a spiritual life.

Kirkus Review

An old-fashioned guide to living a Christian life through biblical exegesis.
This brief book from Blaize, formerly (Seasons of Transition, 2015) uses quick, densely packed chapter to examine the biblical stories of Jesus Christ and David with close, verse-by-verse attention. Each chapter goes into narrow historical specifics of the narrative at hand and concludes with discussion questions and sometimes, related prayers. Throughout, Blaize regularly broadens his inquiries to encompass specific problems in life, and he chooses his biblical stories with an eye toward wider interpretations for readers who, for example, are feeling unhealthy, facing deteriorating finances, or, as Blaize writes, “entering into an emotional valley of your own. In each case, he throws a spotlight on specific incidents in the Bible from which he draws appropriate, uplifting sentiments. According to him, people live in a world besieged by dark forces-Satan has already placed his claim on us and condemned us to die,” he writes – and the steps that they can take to save themselves begin with accepting Jesus. Many of Blaize’s observations will be comfortably familiar to his Christian target audience, as when he characterizes mankind as an “incredibly built machine with a heart made for eternity” – one made in the image of God and endowed with a soul. And Blaize leavens his analysis with a feeling of empathy that makes his readings very appealing, particularly when he approaches the tale of King David. “Because we all struggle with the Adamic nature,” he writes, “we are all capable of making wrong choices in our walk with God and in our daily living”; he goes on to show that, for all of David’s failings, readers of the Bible shouldn’t judge him too harshly, as the act of forgiveness benefits both the forgiven and the forgiver. A fundamental and emotional look at Christian fallibility

ARP Review

“The more we apply ourselves to the Word of God, the more significant we become to the kingdom and to his work.” Vince Blaize comprehensively narrates some important biblical events like the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, God’s covenant with Abraham, and the story of David. Human as we are, we will do anything to reach our dreams without realizing that our rational thought has been compromised because of some lies. We must allow the Spirit of God to speak in our hearts. Some of our dreams take a very long time to realize, so many doubts may come. We must trust in God’s plans and not cling to the past. Wasted time can no longer be retrieved. Due to the luxurious lifestyle that we have achieved, we tend to forget the little things that matter. Man is made in the image and likeness of his Creator, endowed with a soul that is housed in a body of flesh. It also made us realize that Christ already paid for our sins by dying on the cross. Even our future sins have already been paid. He didn’t demand any form of payment; we only need to accept His salvation to enter His kingdom in heaven. The author used an excellent technique by including guided questions and prayers at the end of each chapter to allow readers to reflect on their own experiences. The narrative includes technical words from the Bible, but the author inserted some of his real-life reflections so readers could easily understand and relate to the passage or biblical event. The book helps people who are on their journey to be better Christians. The author did a very great job in writing the book because it really shows how much God loves His people. This book will change the readers’ lives, making them better people and better Christians. Through this book, the reader will be able to uncover the true meaning of relationship in Christ. Start rebuilding your relationship with God through this book. In today’s fast-paced world, many people are too focused on achieving their personal goals, such as making their first million, purchasing their first car, planning luxurious vacations, and so on. These kinds of goals are also good, but we tend to forget what is really important in our lives. We may be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, but we sometimes forget about our spiritual health. Many of us may be fulfilling our bodily needs, but how about our spiritual needs? This book is fuel for our souls. It brings nourishment to our souls, which have been weakened by all the struggles of life. This book is indeed a stepping stone towards a closer relationship with God.