“Steps to the Father” Walking with God

Introduction And Publication

Given the freedom of the imagination to wonder, to explore our capable possibilities and to stage the likelihood of these realities first in our hearts, let us pay closer attention to our decisions. Our choices are usually lesser in value than our ability to choose. And because of that, could you by your uninformed choices be marginalizing your contribution in the kingdom of God and under bidding your efforts in your future success by your unfiltered decisions?

You may also have accepted the misguided information dictated to you regarding your ability to succeed. Content intended to mislead you, birth from your preconceive ideas and reflected in the poor selections of your unnurtured heart. Fortunately for us, there’s the gift of soul cleansing — achievable through a relationship with Jesus.  Regain control of the prospects of your future and let your imagination take flight. The future is yours. You decide when, where and howyour life enters your future.

Imagine yourself in the next few years following the leads in your life, gleaning from the resources available to you. Working with the company you want, creating a business or giving birth to an invention or writing a book. To generate the annual income you decide, you deserve and know you are capable of.  And to top it off, you can build an incredible relationship with the love of your life. But you don’t have to imagine. Now is the time to decide your future.

Steps to the Father will help you tailor your behavior to break the habits of your old self by inviting the right content to influence the outline of your thinking pattern through bible study and praise and worship sessions. This effort requires more than simply human discipline and occasional scheduled therapy. Bible influence has been used throughout the ages to help us recognize the hope given through imagination combined with the power of grace for soul cleansing and heart adjustment therapy. Enabling and strengthening us to change a situation at will by the help of God.

Each chapter highlights a separate discipline with step by step instructions to benefit the reader. You’ll learn new ways to cope with old struggles, gradually erasing them as you develop your faith and trust in God. He will empower you for deliverance from your situation and its depression. Steps to the Father – through the leading of the Holy Spirit will also help you discern insightful behavioral patterns and their trigger mechanisms which lead to unwanted expressions of conduct.

You will also learn how to overcome set-backs and the accompanying frustration that may be a result of life’s hard-knocks and misfortunes. Learn the true meaning of relationship birth in Christ and extend that privilege to another. Learn to love like Christ loves. Discover inspiring tools to help build sustainable relationships and replace or repair bad or broken ones.

Know for certain that you are a child of the living God not only through emotions but by knowledge, to know experientially through relationship. Grow into the ultimate awareness – your life, ability and resources are given completely for God’s purpose.

As you read this book, you will begin to realize the faithfulness of God in ways you may not yet have experienced. “Hannah undoubtedly tried other approaches in her attempts to conceive before trying it God’s way. She may have given many reasons why she needed a child.

She may have even requested a male child to help her out with her portion of the chores on the farm or someone to help protect her from Peninnah when Elkanah was in the field working. Whatever the case may have been, she was led by the Spirit to reason with God and he heard her case! God in all his majesty has called us to reason with him. In any logical discussion of reason, people learn change and grow.”

Whatever interests, concerns or burdens one may be impregnated with, God can help tailor its preparation, delivery and debut to a successful outcome. We see the correction of injustice and the delivery of fairness, a change from despair to hope – failure to success. Hannah shows us through her obedience; she allows the Lord to cushion the impact of every attack against her while fashioning the path to every success she’s enjoyed.

As this book progresses, we are reminded of our humanity. “We all have limitations. We all lack the ability to see the future. This is part of want makes us human.” But, our preparation for tomorrow continues today. “The past is behind you. You cannot alter it because it belongs to God, but you can change the future by unwrapping the present. Today is a gift—that is why it is called the present. God in his unlimited power has allowed us opportunities that we will hopefully recognize and embrace.”

“There are many people who are considered failures by their own admission and by the standards of others. While we have all failed at something, that act of failure is insufficient to condemn us as failures. It may be necessary to take a moment and reflect on the true meaning of what success means to you, before condemning yourself as a failure… Success should be measured.” Find out inside.

As the Holy Spirit draws near to you during moments of reading this book, your soul will engage and your spirit will take flight – reflecting the possibilities of your life on the stained  monitor screen of your heart. Everything considered – “the timetable and right moments are sometimes not within our sphere of control. The good that is intended can still be done in spite of how wrong we may think the moment is. A regretful heart and a willing spirit are all that’s needed to begin to initiate healing among the ones we love, whom we have offended and taken for granted. What can you do or are doing that could effectively bring you back to that place or person and hopefully bring peace and a sense of satisfaction in your life? Steps to the Father by God’s grace can help you do that.

We also see the progression of proper leadership, the impact of cruel actions and the poor choices of men. A truly wise leader considers all the advice given to him/her and evaluates them for a sound judgement. When David heard of Nabal’s less than polite remarks toward him, it bruised his ego and forced him to initiate a plan to ensure that he got what was rightfully his in his eyes, even if it meant the destruction of Nabal and his household. David had an army of men to provide for, and most of them had families. These supplies may have seemed trivial to Nabal but they went a long way in providing for the army and their families. David instructed his men to prepare for battle, and sent them on their way toward the house of Nabal. But wise advice allows for consideration in the light of new information.

The need for Steps to the Father was realized in my counseling sessions. After playing with the idea for a few years and understanding the needs of my clients, I opted to get their opinion on writing a book. It was a huge approval.  It is nice to share the golden nuggets that are effective in resolving family issues during therapy sessions in this book.

My hope is that anyone who wants to lay the right spiritual foundation or rebuild on a better foundation will read this book. It is applicable for personal and group study done virtually or in person with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Build a godly world view while discussing Bible fun facts with friends and family. 

There is no better foundation upon which to build a successful financial future, and a healthy, happy, married life apart from the word of God. Reading this book may repair your broken relationship and could prevent your separation and or divorce.

Can God count on you to use the grace available to do the right thing? Remember, if we are not actively following Christ, we have somewhere, somehow rejected him. If we choose to be neutral in the struggle against good and evil (right and wrong), we are choosing to be separated from God who alone is good. To be separated from God is to be aligned with Satan.

Steps to the Father is intended for the many Christians who love God and accept Jesus’ finished work for humanity. Those who wish to grow their salvation/relationship through their devotion to God by becoming more active and vocal; reaching the lost and comforting the hurting in Christ. It is also intended for those of us who occasionally fall from grace by our actions and lose sight of our commitment to Christ, stumbling unto things we have no business messing with.

Allowing God to work within you to provide the strength you need to reset your life’s path. Change your innocently misguided trajectory to a life ordained in Christ filled with joy and goodwill.

Recreate your world and ensure your future success by walking with God in Steps to the Father. Discover your hidden potential buried in treasure fossils of your soul and make a difference for yourself and your God. To enter a promised enjoyment of a future life’s goal is to accept and embrace the effort required for its present journey.

There is no higher activity in which the mind may be engaged than the pursuit of knowledge of God.” J Dwight Pentecost – Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dallas Theological Seminary.